I’m sick. It seems I’ve contracted the creeping ick that’s been making the rounds at work. Everybody’s got it— we’re like a bunch of kindergarteners sharing crayons or something.

Fear not, gentle reader. I’m getting my medicine tonight: Veggie Pho from Evergreen Garden.

Now, a good Veggie Pho is hard to find. Actually, scratch that. ANY Vegetarian Pho is hard to find. Which is truly maddening and I’ll tell you why: I haven’t been a meat eater since I was sixteen, and I still find the smell of Beef Pho intoxicating. Plus, it cures just about anything. Colds, heartbreak, non-fatal gunshot wounds, and minor social diseases included.

Tu Lan’s veggie version isn’t half bad, but when you’re not feeling well, a walk down 6th Street ain’t gonna help the situation.

My favorite bowl used to be at Golden Flower on Jackson just off Grant in China Town. But then (oh happy day!) I found out that the owners of Golden Flower took over Evergreen in the Mission. (It’s on Harrison at 18th, to be exact.) That’s much, much closer to my house. Which means you’ll find me there weekly.

But riddle me this, Batman. Why does the #100—noodles, veggies, and tofu in a gorgeous and subtle broth, with all the requisite bean sprouts, basil, lemon, and jalapenos—cost less than the #101, which is the same soup, minus the noodles and fixin’s? We’re talking $5.75 vs. $7.50. Like you have to pay to NOT eat noodles. Maybe it’s some sort of Atkins tax. Who knows? It’s just one of those little mysteries that makes Evergreen such a pleasure.


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  1. rachel

    Veggie Pho is hard to find! The last time I had it where I was sure they weren’t just fishing the meat out of the broth before they served it (paranoid, but documented sometimes) was at Le Soleil on Clement (at 2nd ave?) a few years ago, and it was very very good. But that’s not close enough to you I imagine!

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