Portland suggestions?

We’re Taking Off to the Great White North this weekend to visit my parents. The question is, where should we eat? Any suggestions?

Now, I’m a Portland girl from way back in the day. We’re talking BSE. (Before Starbucks Era.) I used to sling espresso at the very first Coffee People expansion store, which was across the street from the company’s original subterranean stronghold. I remember the day when a suspicious-looking guy came into our shop, asking oddly specific questions. He was supposedly from some Seattle coffee joint I’d never heard of, and his visit clearly threw the older and wiser Coffee People employees into a tizzy. At the time, I didn’t get what all the fuss was about. Then Starbucks opened its first Portland storefront on the same street.

When was that? 1988 or so?

Live and learn.

It’s been nearly a decade since I lived in the City of Roses. I’ve got no clue on the food front. School me.



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2 responses to “Portland suggestions?

  1. michelle

    A little late, I know, but should you venture back up north, my favorites are brunch at Screen Door (24th & E Burnside) and Pambiche (NE 28th & Glisan).

  2. Thanks for the tips, Michelle. I’ll check ’em out next time.

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