Pollan and Mackey: Preach on, brothers.

Just how many Bay Area food bloggers were in the audience last night at the “debate” between Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey, and Omnivore’s Dilemma author, Michael Pollan? A quick tool around the Web seems to indicate there were quite a few. I’d definitely suggest reading what they have to say, because my comments on the subject will be brief and not all that critically-minded. Check out Becks and Posh, Cooking with Amy, and Amy’s continued post at Bay Area Bites for starters.

It’s weird, my lack of criticism. You’d expect me to be all up in arms about something, right? I usually am. But I actually left the auditorium feeling (gasp!) hopeful. You’ve no idea how rare that is for me. Yes, there were some gross misrepresentations. And for sure, there’s a bigger, deeper debate that needs to be had about hunger in America and beyond. I’ll tell you what, though. It’s usually a cold day in hell when you get to hear a CEO of Mackey’s stature telling it straight up. The sad truth is, he can’t fix every last problem in the world related to food. He can, however, pick his battles and play to win. Which is exactly what he seems to be doing. I mean, Mackey’s a grocer, and he put a PETA-worthy factory farming video on screen for five whole minutes. This guy has cajones the size of grapefruit. (And sustainably grown grapefruit at that.)

Anyhoo, that’s my pollyanna rah-rah for the day. I’ve got reservations at Perbacco on Friday, so this site will be back to its regularly scheduled programming soon.



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2 responses to “Pollan and Mackey: Preach on, brothers.

  1. sam

    I was going to recommend you some Perbacco dishes. I’ve been twice this month but I don’t think we ordered anything that wasn’t meat.
    Except dessert and – a truffled burrata Oh – and the garlicky raddicchio salad.

    I think you are right about Mackey – he can’t fix every last problem in the world related to food, but I think maybe we expect him too so he is fighting an uphill battle.

    I wish the spotlight would be more on some other grocers bad practices. I was glad he was sniffy about TJs. I rarely go there anymore. I used to but found their produce in general to be very poor and the meat some of the worst tasting I’ve eaten.
    I could never do a whole shop like I can at WF. They will always be my #1 choice after the farmers market.

  2. Joy

    I was supposed to be there, but double booked myself. I also fear you will be sadly disappointed by Perbacco — I certainly was.

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