Don’t Take My Word for It

Get a second (or third, or fourth) opinion from other Bay Area bloggers on the new Blog Soop SF site. Such a genius resource!



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5 responses to “Don’t Take My Word for It

  1. The problem with BlogSoop is that the ratings are way off. Zero stars appear in certain feeds, though the post of the reviews themselves are stellar. Can’t they fix that? Zuni’s getting robbed, for example.

  2. Good question. I’ll forward it on to the guy who runs it.

  3. NS

    I was under the impression that the stars under each feed are for Blogsoop visitors to rate the particular post (and are not intended to reflect what the author of that post thinks about the restaurant at issue). I don’t know if I’m right about this, but it makes some sense to me; I can’t imagine how the guy behind Blogsoop would be able to translate what each individual blogger has written into a score on a 5-star scale.

    As far as I can tell, the restaurant itself is also rated directly by Blogsoop visitors (by selecting the restaurant from the list in the middle of the page and then assigning a number of stars in the box that appears at the top right of the page). So, even if the food bloggers’ feeds all rave about Zuni, if Blogsoop visitors decide that the restaurant only deserves 3 stars, that’s what it gets.

  4. Thanks for the note and the help spreading the word 🙂

    Its good to hear your concerns and feedback. If you have any other questions or comments you’re welcome to continue posting them here, or you can contact me directly at blogsoop |at| gmail |dot| com

    As per the rating system, ‘NS’, you’re right on all accounts.

    The stars under the blogger’s post are meant to rate the quality/helpfulness of a review. Pre-launch I had text up – “how helpful was this review?” – I took it down in favor of an overall cleaner aesthetic.

    The user rating of a restaurant is completely separate from the ratings of the blogger’s post.

    While it seemed intuitive to me, its obviously unclear and needs to be fixed. I had originally envisioned a simple thumbs up/down indicator, but this got lost in the fray as having one rating system simplifies the programming challenge.

    I’m considering removing the rating of a blogger’s post altogether, although I feel some quality control mechanism is important. In some cases (in NYC) there are 20-30 reviews for the same restaurant; being able to select a high quality review is important.

    If you have any thoughts I’d be open ears.


  5. FYI – Looks like we’re running into some problems with bots (which crawl the site for search engines) triggering the rating system. I though this was resolved, but it will require some more digging around.

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