Greetings from Quarantine Level 7

It’s been a rough week here at A Few Reservations. On my recent trip to the East Coast, I managed to bring back a souvenir flu bug that knocked me on my ass. 102 degree fever, hacking cough, throat of fire, the works. I missed two full days of work, plus the entire weekend. Thanks to the wonder of an early diagnosis and some prescription Tamiflu, I’m working my way back to normal. But I’m still in no shape to be sitting in a restaurant.

Not to worry. As the old saying goes, that which does not kill me only makes me really, really hungry for a lavish meal to review.

I’ve got one bit of intelligence to share from the East, though. If you’re ever in Bethesda, check out a spot called The Grapeseed. They offer several vegetarian apps (including a savory and satisfying Fricassee of Wild Mushroom with Sherry Vinegar and Truffled Polenta) and a vegetarian entrée that’s actually entrée-like. It’s a Swiss Chard Ravioli, but the ravioli are more like delicate little chard containment units. The pasta is homemade and ultra thin, so it doesn’t weigh the dish down. And the plate is rounded out with a decent amount of Haricot Vert and Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, all with just the right amount of Arugula Pesto. It actually feels like main course, rather than a mound of carbs. Me likey. (Don’t get me started on the previous night’s dinner, eating solo at the Olive Garden. Between that and the flu, I must have done something very, very bad in a past life.)



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2 responses to “Greetings from Quarantine Level 7

  1. Hope your rested and feeling better 🙂

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