Salt House Redux

So remember how I was all enamored of Salt House? Better meal than I expected, surprisingly good veggie option, yadda, yadda, yadda? Well, I take it back.

I took my dad there Sunday night—I figured it was a no-brainer. And while I still give them a huge points on service (and pickles, oh those delicious house-made pickles) the rest of the meal fell flat.

My dad is not a picky man, and he reported that his roasted chicken was Sahara-in-the-heat-of-summer dry. My vegetarian entrée (again, not on the menu, but graciously offered by the waitress) was simply a rehash of my opening salad. Same ingredients, warmed up. Plus, this time, it kind of missed the mark. Instead of serving the vegetables over a creamed spinach with green garlic, they sat on top of a squash puree, which was way too sweet.


I thought about just lettin’ it go. But if you’d decided to go Salt House on my recommendation, then had a completely uninspired meal, would you ever trust me again?

Nah. I that’s what I thought.



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2 responses to “Salt House Redux

  1. Do you ever see yourself returning to the fish-eating fold?

  2. Who knows? I’m not the kind of vegetarian who freaks out if I discover something had fish stock in it, or that I accidentally ate a bit of pork in my salad roll. But I do have pretty strong convictions on the ecological end of the spectrum, so that will likely keep me on the path.

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