Medicine Eat Station

I could write a full review of Medicine Eat Station, but I’m too disappointed.

More like heartbroken.

Man, have they changed.

It ain’t what it used to be, folks. Not by a long shot. Gone are the tasting menus, and the endless varieties of vegan deliciousness. Now there’s a counter where you step up to order, and bento boxes filled with fish.

My bento (with Miso-glazed Tofu) was artless and pedestrian. The “glazing” was so thick, it was more like a maple-y paste. My partner’s fish was fishy in the extreme.

Save your money and go to Cha-Ya on Valencia.



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3 responses to “Medicine Eat Station

  1. Plus, they close at 6 PM and aren’t open on weekends.

    My two dinners at the “old” Medicine were outstanding. I preferred them to Cha-Ya because of their purity and simplicity.

  2. Right? That’s why I was so sad. They fell down. Hard.

  3. I’ve heard bery mixed reviews. Heard Cha-Ya is awesome.

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