My birthday is almost here. And while turning one year older may not thrill me, the prospect of dinner at Manresa certainly does.

July 7th. I can hardly wait.



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4 responses to “Joy!

  1. I’m very curious to see what you think (and what you get served…)

  2. As am I. Your comment made me worry a bit, so I just called them and told them I’m a vegetarian, interested in a tasting menu. They said it should be no problem, but would speak to the chef and call me if he imagined it would be an issue. We shall see.

  3. So, are you getting the 9 course or 12 course risotto tasting menu 🙂

    Seriously, I’ve seen a few posts on Manresa that show dazzling creativity, so I’ll be looking forward to your write-up.

  4. Oh…I’m jealous! My B-Day is July 5th.Plan to go to Millenium at some point that week. Must make more food plans!

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