I was not meant for physical labor. I’ve got soft hands, a weak back and a penchant for sipping cocktails while other people take care of the hard stuff.

Yet I’ve spent the past month or so building a full scale prototype of an environment (that’s all I can say, per a stringent NDA) in a warehouse space in Bayshore. Me, lifting and cutting and gluing and sweeping…and today, hauling 5000 pounds of heavy-as-f*ck furniture out of the back of a truck, into our space. (The 5k is no exaggeration. I’ve got the receipt.) Sure, it made me feel all butch. But the glow was short lived.

All of this preamble, of course, explains why my workmates and I deserved—DESERVED, I tell you!—a decent, leisurely lunch in the sunshine today. We found it at Piccino, on 22nd in Dogpatch, a stone’s throw from the delicious Beignets at Just for You.

Piccino just got a write-up in this month’s Gourmet, so expect them to be even busier than they already are. The space itself is tiny, so there’s not much room for the impending crowds. It’s worth the wait, though.

The menu is slim and fresh. Five or six thin crust pizzas (three vegetarian among them), a panini (today’s was Beehive cheddar and Fuji apple), two salads, a soup (also vegetarian today) and two desserts. I opted for the Baby Lettuce salad and the Roasted Turnip, Potato and Parmesan soup. Both were tasty, and best of all, left just enough room for their Yellow Nectarine Tart and a cup of Blue Bottle coffee.

There’s no limit to the restorative power of slow mid-day meal. Though, to be honest, a follow up nap would really do the trick.


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  1. Alison

    I ate there about 3 weeks ago and must say that I wasn’t too impressed with the soup that day – not much flavour at all…..think it was the chicken soup but very watery. My dining companions had the panini and pizza and raved about them so perhaps i shall have to go back and try again!

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