Canteen…let’s renew our vows.

Finally, I’m feeling better. I was Bizarro-Me all week—a scary me that didn’t have any interest in food. Yikes. So what better way to celebrate my newly renewed appetite than brunch at Canteen?

I’m gonna cut to the chase here. Y’all know how I want to be Chef Leary’s love slave. You can read my original, mushy smooch-fest right here.

Let me break it down for you.

1. Order a Bellini. They’re dry and crisp—not syrupy like some—with a mint leaf on top for a splash of color straight out of The Preppy Handbook.
2. If the Corn Soup with Chili Puree is on the menu, do it. We got a bowl for the table to share, just to enjoy the flavor. The sweet of the corn and the heat of the chili go together like Donny and Marie in my seven-year-old mind. Nothing short of heaven.
3. Get a Chanterelle and Gruyere Omelette. Sorry, my vegan brothers and sisters, you’re out in the cold on this one. But for those of us who love cheese, giddy-up. This is a simple, old fashioned omelette executed perfectly. Plus, the home fries on the side should be illegal, they’re so freakin’ tasty.
4. And if you’re in the mood for sweet, try the Peach French Toast with Sweet Cream Cheese. I stole a bite off my friend Julia’s plate. And then I stole another. And another.

The most amazing thing of all is that Leary was there, doing his thing at ten in the morning on a Saturday. When does the man sleep? When does he order take out and watch Top Chef, all snuggled on the sofa? The guy’s got the work ethic of a Pilgrim on speed.

Simple pleasures, people. Canteen serves ’em up right.



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2 responses to “Canteen…let’s renew our vows.

  1. jennifer

    I found your blog a while back through one of those one-thing-leads-to-another internet strolls, and have really enjoyed your reviews from the perspective of a vegetarian. It makes a big difference obviously.
    That said, I’m 100% with you on the Canteen love. I live around the block, and use any opportunity to go to brunch there, and have never, ever been disappointed.
    And Chef Leary is always there. I happened to go in once when Leary was actually on vacation and all the staff were talking about how rare it was!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer. And long live Canteen!

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