Back in the saddle

So I had this plan, right? I thought my new project at work was scheduled to begin on Thursday, leaving me three blissful days to ruminate and write about my trip. (I work for a company that actually encourages these sorts of things.)

<SMACK!> Did you hear that? That was the cruel slap of reality across my tan and rested face. It’s Monday, and my week is already shot to hell.

So, friends, it’s gonna take some time. I’ve got stories to share and photos to post, but it may be slow-going. My next few weeks look hellacious. Lots of travel, lots of meetings, and not a lot of private time.  But I’ll get to it, bit by bit, I swear.

This whole “working” thing…I just don’t know. I don’t think I’m cut out for it.



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2 responses to “Back in the saddle

  1. Tell me about it. Work so gets in the way of the important things in life, like blogging.

  2. My theory is that unless you’re a CEO and forking in the $$$, no one is really cut out for being a working stiff. Except maybe those lucky fools who love what they do.

    I like the premise of your food blog.

    You asked if I am the Jade you once knew, and I’m sorry to say that I’m not. But I agree that the world really IS that small. Better luck next time!

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