Paul K

Proximity is everything. That certainly seems to be the case for Paul K. If you’re headed to the ballet or the symphony, Paul K is a no-brainer. Otherwise, personally, I’d take a pass.

Last night was my second meal there, and I had the same reaction as before: Myeh. (That word makes more sense if you picture me putting my palms up, shrugging my shoulders, and pursing my lips like a Jewish grandmother dismissing some half-hearted koogle.)

Before I get into the details of the meal, let me give Paul K a word of praise. They actually had a vegetarian entrée on the menu last night that wasn’t risotto. It wasn’t even pasta. In fact, it wasn’t carb-based at all. And that made me truly happy. The sad part, though, was that it kind of sucked. What’s worse, the suckage could have been easily avoided.

I’m talking about the Eggplant Napoleon with Tomato Coulis, Feta, Garbanzos and Arugula. In theory, a great plate. In practice, a bit of a mess. The garbanzos were waaaaay undercooked, scattered like hard little pebbles on my plate. We’re talking almost crunchy. And the tomato coulis struck a singular note—acidity. I like tartness, but in this case, it was overwhelming. Did anybody taste what they were serving? Learn from Casey’s loss on Top Chef, y’all. Take a bite before you start sending it out. (Ugh. Don’t even get me started on the finale. When—WHEN?!—are we going to have a woman win Top Chef?)

From a vegetarian perspective, Paul K is a decent choice. There’s a veggie mezza platter, and a veggie entrée. I dig that. But there’s no excuse for rock hard chickpeas. You want hard-rockin’ chicks, listen to some Damone. (I couldn’t resist that one.) (For-reals, though. Damone totally rules.)


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