A Half-A$$ed Post

Long time, no see, eh?

Apologies, y’all. This pesky work/life thing has been getting in the way of my higher mission. I vow to get back on the blog bus, though. (Just as soon as I return from Puerto Vallarta.)

Until then, however, a few quick notes to tie you over.

First, Tinderbox in Bernal Heights.

Tinderbox is a restaurant on the verge of something wonderful—they just haven’t quite crossed the border yet. I give them huge props for featuring a vegetarian entrée (a Grilled Avacado Cutlet with Warm Cucumber, Cojita and Avocado Cream-Filled Risotto Cake, Watercress and Red Bell Pepper Syrup) but our appetizer fell so flat, my entrée was robbed of its glory. I’m talking about the T-Box Tasting, with Fall Vegetable Terrine in Kombu Aspic, Figs and Beets, and Yankee Soup. There was nothing on the plate that had much flavor, and the soup—ugh. Not good. My Brazilian dining mate summed it up this way: “It tastes like dirty water.” (Trust me, the phrase sounded clever and sophisticated in her devastatingly sexy accent.)

Don’t put Tinderbox down for the count yet, though. The place has a certain something. It’s cozy, intimate, and full of possibility. Nice wine list, friendly staff, and an inspiring view of the kitchen through a window in their diminutive back dining area. I’ll give them another shot in a few months, for sure.

Then, Chapeau! (Exclamation point, theirs.) To be honest with you—and I always am—I was half in the bag by the time we made it to our 9:30 reservation at Chapeau! (Check out how just typing the name enlivens my sentences with punctuation whimsy. Huzzah!) My taste buds were a little muddy by then, to say the least. But I do hazily recall the fact that they offer a reasonably priced vegetarian tasting menu. My other memory? Kisses. The chef, God bless him, is the Richard Dawson of Clement Street. Don’t expect to escape without a smooch.

That’s it for now, kiddies. I’m of to the Bay of Banderas for a few days of sun, sand, and Tecate Light.



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3 responses to “A Half-A$$ed Post

  1. Gina

    Hi – just went to Mission Beach Cafe and they actually had a VEGAN entree on their menu. White beans, spinach, wild rice, butternut squash. Pretty darn delish. I hope they keep up that option. Very nice…

  2. I just heard about Tinderbox and think I’ll give them a try (avoiding the soup).

    Although “avacado cutlet?” Give me a break! I’m a copywriter and all, but that’s just pushing the boundaries of food description.

    Have fun in Mexico, chicas!

  3. Hmm… I’ll have to go check that out at Mission Beach. I’ve been meaning to go there.

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