Well, hello there.

It’s been tough times here at A Few Reservations international headquarters. Maybe the curse of Kristin has come to pass. Or maybe I picked up an enchanted Tiki in Hawaii and it’s starting to haunt me, Brady Bunch style. In short, life has unraveled. And blogging has fallen by the wayside.

Luckily, I had dinner Saturday night with a few fantastic friends, including the lovely and talented Michael Procopio, author of Food for the Thoughtless, and contributor to Bay Area Bites and the SF Examiner. His guilt trip worked wonders: Here I am typing.

The thing is, I can’t really blame my lack of blogging entirely on my current mental state. It’s also due, in large part, to the fact that I keep being disappointed by my culinary forays. And frankly, I’m tired of bitching about it.

Exhibit A: A recent meal at Coco 500. Now, Coco is a go-to restaurant for me. An easy recommendation for just about any occasion, and a sure-fire crowd pleaser when I’m taking folks out on the town. Last time I was there, I asked if the chef could pull together a vegetarian entrée plate for me. I wasn’t disappointed. So, this time around, I asked for the same thing. Guess what they sent out?

Yeah. Risotto.

Of all the gorgeous vegetables they could have used. All the lovely sides they have to offer. Fuck me. Risotto wasn’t even on the menu that night. Did they have a pot waiting in the wings, marked “For Emergency Vegetarian Use Only”? Sure, the risotto tasted great. But really, that’s not the point.

The aforementioned dinner with my boys at RNM was less disappointing. No vegetarian entrees on the menu, of course. But at least the collection of sides they brought out was truly well seasoned. Some asparagus, some spinach, some farro, and a downright tasty mushroom gnocci. (I know: Gnocci and farro on the same plate? Look, I’m trying to be charitable here.)

This is what I don’t get. Why is it a crime to put something vegetarian on the menu? If the chef is willing to make an offering upon request, then why not commit and put it on the page? It sure would make me feel a whole lot better. You know, like they actually valued me as a customer instead of treating me as a special needs case. It’s not 1957, and we don’t live in Nebraska. No one is going to label your restaurant a hippie joint if you dare to offer an entrée sans carnage.

I’m getting tired of beating that drum, you know? Has anyone out there had a fantastic vegetarian main plate lately? And if so, where? Tell me. Please. I promise to try it and scribe a happy, glowing review. Maybe it’ll even pull me out of my funk. Write and let me know. You can consider it a public service.



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9 responses to “Well, hello there.

  1. yes, and you know where – ubuntu. the current pea/pea consumme/macadamia/white chocolate dish is his best yet.

  2. Gina

    Great vegetarian/vegan entrees available at Frisee on Market Street! Give it a try!!

  3. michaelprocopio

    Hey there! Apparently, I’m so good at guilt-tripping, I am now completely unaware as to when I am doing it. It must be the Sicilian in me.

    Whatever the case, I’m glad it provoked you into posting.


    Lovely and Talented

  4. Run, don’t walk, to Canteen and eat the sweet corn clafoutis. It’s not a clafoutis, but it is sweet and corny and dee-lush-us.

  5. Of course, Canteen and Ubuntu. They’re both amazing. If I could eat there every night, I would. But where else, you know?

  6. Dani

    The Supper Club in Sacramento offers a complete vegetarian tasting menu. Definitely worth the drive at $4.50+ a gallon – just tough to get in.

  7. Becks

    I highly recommend Downtown in Berkeley. Usually about a third of their menu is vegetarian and the food is excellent. I’ve found that East Bay restaurants overall tend to cater more to vegetarians than San Francisco restaurants do.

  8. ABC

    I’m currently holding out for Hoss Zare’s return to SF, where he’ll be opening at the Flytrap location (maybe even keeping the Flytrap name?). Don’t know if you are familiar with him from when he had Zare, but he did right by vegetarians in a big way there. There was always at least one veg entree on the menu (the lentil- or bean-stuffed peppers had nary a grain of rice or a shred of pasta on the plate), or he’d entree-size an appetizer, combine sides, do a pasta, etc. Once, I went with a vegan friend and he made some special off-menu vegan fritter type thing of grated veggies. Just on the fly. Later this summer, I think — put it on your list!

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