Boulette’s Larder

A few months ago, I had a wonderful lunch at Boulette’s Larder in the Ferry Building. At the time, there were no vegetarian options on the menu, and I had to ask the server if the chef could make something up for me. Luckily, they were happy to oblige, and I was treated to a gorgeous lunch of impeccably seasoned veggies, perfectly executed.

These days, they’re making me even happier. A Vegetarian Farmer’s Market Lunch now sits on the menu, out, loud and proud. (Fists in the air, y’all.)

Today’s selection: Full Belly Farm Roasted Eggplant, Riverdog Farm Cherry Tomato Medley, Blue Heron Farm Pardon Peppers and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Dirty Girl Farm Haricot Vert, plus Yogurt with fresh Tumeric and a fat stack of Papadum.

Let me lay it down for you. These folks are vegetable masters. The Haricot Vert were cooked on the money, all thin and snappy like a Mission hipster in skinny jeans. The eggplant melted in my mouth. And the Roasted Pardon Peppers gave the whole dish a zippy kick in the pants.

I’m thrilled that they decided to put the option on the menu. Even my omnivorous lunch-mates were jealous when they saw the bounty in my basket. (Wow, that’s sounds…uh, really naughty.) So get thee to Boulette’s Larder and place your order for the Farmer’s Market Lunch. Let’s reward them for their awesomeness.



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2 responses to “Boulette’s Larder

  1. ABC

    Ha, I just ate there last week! I admit I was a little underwhelmed to see a plate of vegetables on the menu. Have you ever had a request for a special vegetarian meal result in a plate of steamed vegetables? I have, although usually, in fairness, at places you would expect “vegetarian” would be a challenge (Pacific Cafe on Geary, I’m looking at you). Or how about a plate of roasted vegetables being all that’s available at a corporate buffet? Been there, right?

    Although Boulette’s Larder is in a different category, still, with those experiences in mind, I was suspicious. Which made the absolutely fabulous plate of vegetables all the more wonderful. Mine had fresh chickpeas, which are eye-poppingly different from cooked dried chickpeas, and of course from the standard canned. And I can’t believe how I slurped down the roasted red peppers and onions. Something I normally think of as a scrap thrown my way being actually a highlight. Totally worth it.

  2. Yea! I’m glad you agree. They make a mixed vegetable plate feel like a feast.

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