Ubuntu rocks me. Again.

Did you ever meet someone who’s absolutely beautiful in every way? I mean, gorgeous to look at, kind-hearted, thoughtful, the whole package?

That’s Ubuntu. If I didn’t love the place so much, I’d have to hate it, because it’s just too perfect. It makes other restaurants look bad.

Okay, maybe I hyperbolize. But Christ, the place is good. Check out my original review for more gushing praise.

This Sunday’s lunch started with Leaves and Things, a perfectly composed salad of greens, flowers, herbs and roots. Then, Radishes with Chevre and Nori, with a mustard and banyuls vinaigrette and black sea salt. (Banyuls is a dessert wine. News to me.) Chevre and Nori together—what a revelation. And the black sea salt? Holy Mary, mother of God. It made the radishes sing in six-part harmony.

The Cucumbers with Miso “Bagna Cauda” was another stand out in an entirely outstanding meal. Let me lay down the players on the plate: Crispy fingerlings, ficoide glaciale (which is a succulent), shaved parmesan and olive caramel. Insane. INSANE. The ficoide glaciale shimmered as if it were frozen, and tasted like citrus surprise. The fingerlings added a warm, grounded goodness, and the olive caramel…well, the olive took the whole dish up to eleven.

The Cauliflower in a Cast Iron Pot. Comfort in a cup.

The Anson Mills Farros with Young Carrots. Vibration on a plate.

The Raspberry Sorbet Float with rose geranium soda, watermelon ice and lychee tapioca. Refreshment in a glass.

And the Mini Carrot Cupcakes with spiced frosting and tiny (tiny!) candied carrots. Bite-sized heaven.

I could go on and on, but that might keep you from clicking over to Open Table and making a reservation of your own. Go. Now. If you’re a vegetarian, you owe it to yourself. If you’re not a vegetarian, you’ll never think of vegetarian food in the same way again.



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5 responses to “Ubuntu rocks me. Again.

  1. I really must try Ubuntu. I have to say I’ve not heard a lot of positive reviews, which surprises me. There was a recipe recently in Food & Wine for Goat Cheese and Nori salad that really intrigued me and looked stunning. I’ll have to try that recipe.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Couldn’t find a place to email you from your site, but had a question. I found your blog and noticed you had a wordpress link to Open Table. Read a bit on your site and seems you’re not a fan of Adsense. Was wondering how wordpress links paid out…ie how much, how often, etc. If you have a second, I’d appreciate the insight.


  3. Catherine,
    I’m really surprised to hear that you haven’t heard a lot of positive press on Ubuntu. I’ve only ever read wonderful things. I’d definitely check them out and decide for yourself. I think you’ll dig it.

  4. Ivan,
    I think you may have my site confused with another. I’ve never mentioned anything about AdSense. Actually, I don’t gain any revenue from the site. The link to OpenTable was just a public service.

  5. Dang, we gotta go. Never heard of Anson Mills Farros, interesting. Will look that up. Thanks for sharing.

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