I like to eat. And I like animals. (As in, “I like animals so much, I don’t really want to eat them.”)

Why are these two facts so often at odds?

I’m tired of ordering the risotto: I want a real entree. No—screw that. I want two or three entrees to choose from. Show a little hustle, chefs. We all know you can sear that Ahi. And any idiot with a map to the Ferry Building can make Foie Gras taste good. The question is, have you got the chops to cook without meat?


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  1. What a great blog you’re doing–congratulations. I got here via a link posted on mouthfulsfood.com.

    Would you mind if I linked to you on the blog I just started? The URL for it is up there where it’s supposed to be. And, if it strikes your fancy, you are welcome to link to mine.

    Nice to meet you, in a virtual sort of way. Your blog is truly superlative.

    guadalajara, jalisco, mexico

  2. if you contacted Manresa, I’d bet they would enjoy the thought of cooking you an all-vegetarian meal. as you’ve probably read, they have their own garden near Santa Cruz and the veggies they’ve been serving over the past few months are second to none in this area (or country for that matter.) it would also be interesting to hear your take on it from a vegetarian’s perspective.

    a few reviews i’ve done lately:

  3. sam

    Manresa will do a vegeterian tasting menu
    the person on the table next to me was having it when I was there.

  4. Rocket

    The combination of being veggie and a fabulous writer makes your blog interesting and incredibly entertaining.

    I look forward to reading more.

  5. Gina

    Hi – I have two for you to try…not sure if you’ve been yet.
    Saha – veg and vegan items…lots of them, and the food is fantastic.
    Frisee – new place on upper Market. Always have a veg soup, and they had 2 veg items on the menu. Both were pasta, but the fettucine (which I normally hate) was actually pretty good. Side dishes are yummy.

  6. Jen:
    I am hooked!!!!!!!!!!

  7. m

    I’ve got a few posts on the exact same topic over at my blog Bay Area Love Letters. I feel you on the “no more risotto” thing although my complaint is I’m tired of going to restaurants where my only choice is the ravioli (or some other form of pasta).

    Two of my top favorites in the city are Fleur de Lys (please tell me you’ve gone?) and Jardiniere. I also like Chez Panisse Cafe here in the East Bay and Absinthe in the City.

    I’ll definitely be adding your blog to my Google Reader. Oh, and you can find my blog at bayarealoveletters.blogspot.com, and the food posts under the “Out to Eat” category. Glad I found your blog . . .

  8. Mimi Toro

    never have my eyes feasted upon more engaging, deftly dissected and saucy bits!

    eating can seem like such a personal journey until you find someone who can put words to your same venture into euphoria.

    well done. in every way, shape and form.

  9. wouldn’t it be so lovely to hear about some of the dining you have done recently — and quite literally outside of the vegetarian ghetto — in new york city?
    ooh i just love field trips!
    i hear there were a few good dishes — and a lot of good dishing — in the big apple.
    do tell! consider it a public (oh did i say public?) service for all those san franciscans who may find themselves having to make the cross country trek to nyc to comfort a friend with a broken heart. and who would like to enjoy some fine dining while there.

  10. michaelprocopio

    I miss reading you…

  11. Art


    As one of our favorite bloggers in San Francisco I wanted to see if you were interested in being a volunteer ambassador for Dining Out for Life on Thursday, April 30th!

    100+ restaurants will participate and donate 25% of their sales for the day to STOP AIDS Project. Dining Out for Life recruits volunteers to act as ‘Ambassadors’ to each of the participating restaurants. Ambassadors promote their respective restaurants between now and the night of the event, inviting all of their friends and co-workers to dine at their restaurant on April 30, 2009. Additionally, Ambassadors act as a host for the night at their restaurant. Visit http://dol2009.kintera.org to become an ambassador!

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  12. Elaine

    Hi There,

    I am currently spending my summer in SF and have some friends working on this innovative new rewards program. They’re website is:www.mojofiend.com. I really do believe what they’re working on can really become something big especially with the feedback and help of people like you who really know what SF residents love. With Mojofiend I can buy 4 coffees anywhere in the city (and they really do mean anywhere) and get the 5th one free at most major coffee shops (Blue Bottle, Ritual, etc.). Super convenient and one of the creators is a Harvard Business School grad, which to me is quite impressive and promising.

    Just a heads up. 🙂


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